The St. Regis Dubai, Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club


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Polo at The St. Regis Dubai Polo Resort

polo The St. Regis Dubai Polo Resort
polo The St. Regis Dubai Polo Resort
polo The St. Regis Dubai Polo Resort

What is Polo

The Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club offers exclusive polo facilities and four world-class polo fields to meet the expectations of local and international players. The Polo Academy is designed to cater for all levels of players from those embarking on their first tournament, to those embracing the ultimate, high goal polo. The annual polo calendar ranges from high goal tournaments to challenge and league matches as desired throughout the season.  

Polo is often referred to as “the game of kings,” as it was adopted as the most noble of pastimes by kings, princes, shahs, sultans and warriors all over the world. The roots of polo are said to date back over 2,500 years to the 6th century in ancient Persia. But it quickly spread eastwards and eventually caught the attention of the British tea planters in India in the 19th century who put the ‘English touch’ on the sport and imported it to Britain in 1869. It was then re-exported to America and beyond.

Modern polo is played between two teams of four, on a field measuring 300 yards by 160 yards (250 sq meters by 133 sq meters), with 3-yard goal posts on either end. The winner is the team that scores the most goals. Each period, also known as a chukka, is up to 71/2 minutes long. No time-outs are allowed except for penalties, or in the event a player or horse is injured, and no substitutions are allowed unless a player has to be replaced.

polo academy The St. Regis Dubai Polo Resort
polo at The St. Regis Dubai Polo Resort
polo academy The St. Regis Dubai Polo Resort
polo at The St. Regis Dubai Polo Resort

Polo Academy

The Al Habtoor Polo Academy provides an opportunity to enter the fascinating world of polo at the state of the art Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club under the instruction of the head instructor Alejandro Gowland, 3-goal professional from Argentina.

Alejandro’s team includes international polo players to provide all levels of instruction from those just beginning to ride on a fast track system for the first time, or those looking to improve and fine-tune their already established skills.

The Al Habtoor Polo Academy provides a full spectrum of bespoke services, from individual lessons to small group lessons, corporate packages and fun days with friends and family.


Lessons                                                                 Adult          Child

Introduction to Polo (90 min)                                  AED 850     AED 650

Group Lesson (60 min)                                           AED 600     AED 400

Private Lesson (60 min)                                          AED 850     AED 600

Stick and Ball - with instructor (40 min)                   AED 750     AED 500

Instructional Chukkers - min 2 chukkas (30 min)     AED 650     AED 400

*15% discount for lesson paid in block of 10

Lessons                                                      Adult              Child

Corporate Days (3 Hrs)                                AED 500        AED 250

Corporate Days (5 Hrs)                                AED 1000      AED 500

Chukker Hire (Per chukka)                           AED 750

Green Fees (Weekday)                                AED 800

Green Fees (Weekend)                                AED 1000


Al Habtoor Polo Club

The Al Habtoor Polo legacy was established in 2000 by a man of polo passion, Mohammed Al Habtoor. Since then, the sport of polo has been driven to new heights with Habtoor Polo by its side. In 2012 the Habtoor Polo Team won its first Dubai Polo Gold Cup title, followed by the Dubai Silver Cup in 2013 and the Hildon Cup in 2015. Mohammed Al Habtoor, Patron of the team, has participated in numerous polo tournaments both locally and globally. He has turned the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series into one of the highlights of the Dubai sports calendar, making it one of the region’s most prestigious polo events.

The Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club represents an upmarket community, a new destination for polo and horse enthusiasts from across the world. The unique project is home to four world-class polo fields, which will help reinforce Dubai’s role on the world polo circuit. The Polo and Equestrian Academy offers riders of all ages and ability with a wide range of riding disciplines including dressage, riding and show jumping. The Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club hosted its first series of international and regional polo tournaments in March 2016.


The luxury project accommodates 520 exquisitely appointed Andalusian-style stables made of high quality and robust materials, providing a healthy environment for horses to live. Members have to on-site veterinary clinic, exercise track, horse walkers, including show jumping and dressage top class arenas. The stables are serviced by 70 turnout paddocks, lunge areas, 5 horse walkers and 2 international competition arenas, in addition to the 4 polo fields, riding and exercise tracks.

Competitions will be hosted on-site throughout the winter season, from riding club level events up to national and international championships in all disciplines. Competitions schedules will run on Thursday evenings and Friday mornings.

The Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club Andalusian style stables are set within the exclusive equestrian development boasting 54 hectares of lush green surroundings.

The St. Regis Dubai Polo Resort
The St. Regis Dubai Polo Resort

The Al Habtoor Riding School will be open 7 days a week from 6:45am - 10:00am and 4:00pm -8:30pm offering the following:

  • Riding lessons
  • Desert riding
  • Pony club activities and camps
  • Stable management sessions
  • Evening ride and camp fire
  • Clinics


Group Lessons  (45 min)                             Adult          Child

Group Riding Lesson Lever 1 & 2                   AED 180     AED 220

Group Riding Lesson Lever 2 & 3                   AED 230     AED 270

Riding Lesson - Own Horse                            AED 130     AED 130

Stable Management                                       AED 100


Equestrian Experiences                             Child

Pony Ride - 1 round                                     AED 40    

Pony Club                                                    AED 280    

Pony Club - Own Horse                               AED 280    

Private Lessons  (45 min)                          Adult          Child

Private Lesson                                            AED 400     AED 450

Private Lesson - Own Horse                       AED 280     AED 280

Semi-Private Lesson                                    AED 280     AED 320

Assessment Lesson                                     AED 250     AED 300

Lunge Lesson                                             AED 350     AED 350

Instructor Schooling                                    AED 250     AED 250

Arena Hire                                                  AED 150     AED 150

Horse Hire                                                  AED 100     AED 100

Stable Tour (with breakfast)                         AED 195    

Stable Tour (without breakfast)                    AED 135   

*10% discount for lesson paid in block of 10.

**Discounted packages for schools, which includes riding/stable management are in line with the internationally coveted British Horse Society (BHS) syllabus.

***Helmet rental AED 10.